10 Step Marketing Connection

1. Keyword Research 6. Custom Website Design
2. Competition Research 7. Optimization of Content and Pages
3. Domain Research 8. Social Media Aggregation
4. Domain Purchase 9. Feedback
5. Dedicated Hosting 10. Link Building

Make the Right Website Marketing Connection!

Developing the right marketing plan for your business is critical to not only the growth of your company, but often in these tougher economic times, ultimately its very survival. We’ve developed the top 10 marketing steps to help you make that connection between "what" and "how" when it comes to marketing your business on the internet.

While you may know some of the steps listed here, when it comes to the marketing of your business website you need to know how to best implement each and every one of these strategies. Each marketing step listed is necessary and will help you to create an overall proper campaign to drive total market effectiveness.

Don’t take short cuts. Don’t let any search engine marketing company that you’ve hired take short cuts. Understand how each marketing step works and you can empower your marketing efforts even if it’s simply from a review position.

The Future of Marketing is now and its online

Think your business is too small or too "local" to utilize search engine and website marketing techniques? Think about how most people are finding something as simple as a restaurant now a days. They're going directly to Google typing in their geographic location and the type of food that they're looking for and voila! restaurants galore. Now, realizing the viability in this economy, that an additional 1000 customers a month could bring restaurants, like many, small, "local" businesses, are hiring search engine marketing companies to control those top few spots that are leading to a constant flow of new clientele.

While the analogy here is utilizing restaurants to point out the need for proper website marketing, it extends to all kinds of businesses like Cleaners, Martial Arts, Bakeries, etc...




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